A visit to Splash will convince you that fun and adventure obeys no age limits. The safety of our visitors is most improtant for us and we need to ensure that they are always in a clean environment and that the water has been treated keeping international quality standards in mind. It has a good number of rides suitable for all age groups that have been designed by highly experienced companies known for excellent safety standards and checks. You'll always find clean water, practically safe rides and an excellent ambience for making your visits memorable ones!!

Having lots of different rides allows thrill seekers of all ages to experience adrenaline rushing through their veins continuously without letting water dry off the skins. Alternatively, you can also relax lying on a floating tube in the lazy river and allow water to take you with it, wherever it goes!! It's the perfect place to spend some quality time with your family and friends. Play in the spray of waterfalls. Relax on a floating journey down the lazy river. Shoot down the waterslides. Wave in the wave pool. Get wet, relax and have fun!!!

Water Rides

Multilane Slide

Hara Kari Slide

Pendulam Slide

Family Slide

Body Slide

Wave Pool

Kiddies Pool

Tube Slide

Fish fall

Aqua Dance

Lazy River

Magical Fountain

Mushroom Fall


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